Here It Comes!

Timmy, from “Shaun the Sheep”

The raindrops are falling… The winds are coming… The time of the typhoon… has come.

Not much action yet, but I think it is going to get worse. I thank those who are praying.

I thought it might come either Sunday or Monday, but it’s supposed to hit here today (Saturday in Japan).

c h


13 thoughts on “Here It Comes!

      1. “Mitochondrions! Chloroplasts! Central vacuoles!” Yelled the mad scientist, chasing his assistants out of the laboratory, through the corridor, and out of the building. “You Lysosomes will never agian step foot in my laboratory, or my name isn’t Nucleus Golgi!” With that he turned and walked back into the laboratory.

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        1. “B-b-but, my job… my salary? Mr. Golgi has been giving me a fair pay every month, but now… I’m done for. By the way, don’t blame me! Blame that stupid Mucus Lysosome. He’s the brat who suggested me to do the experiment in the first place!!”


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