It was the afternoon of October 6th, Saturday.

My mom was looking in the refrigerator when…


A baby gecko came jumping out of the refrigerator!!!?

And so I took it outside with a net, as carefully as possible.

How many times has a gecko come out of your refrigerator??



8 thoughts on “Peekaboo!

    1. We have a whole lot of geckos, especially in the summer. We have a good time watching the ‘battles’ between them and the bugs, with the former usually coming on top. They mainly feed on moths (Sometimes the geckos fail to catch their prey). They sometimes fight with each other, too. We once witnessed a fight between a gecko and a spider that was almost as big as the gecko! In the end, the spider ended up getting all scrunched up in the geckos mouth. That was gross. (The ‘battles’ occur on our windows, and we can watch the fights in the house.)


  1. That almost never happens in New Jersey.
    Great picture, though.
    P.S.–I haven’t mailed your book yet, please pardon the delay. Working very hard every day to get “His Mercy Endureth Forever” written before the cold weather closes in.

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