The Symphony of the Animals

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the show!

May I present unto you the animals that are about to show off their musical talents!

(My personal favorite is the cute little guy at 7:25.)

Thanks for viewing.

6 thoughts on “The Symphony of the Animals

  1. I once had four grey treefrogs, nicest little frogs you’d ever want to meet, they’d perch on your finger like canaries and take mealworms from your other hand. I had them in my iguana cage. Each night, when the frogs outside got going, my frogs would like up on one of the perches and sing the night away. To which my roommates strenuously objected! So I had to let the frogs go back to their friends outside.

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    1. They must have been very fun to have! In the summer, we have frogs croaking all over the place, sometimes to the point of annoyance, but we enjoy listening to them.
      In my lifetime, I had a few fish, a few beetles, a hamster, and a dog. I don’t have any pets now, except for our wild animal “pets”.


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