The Chronicles of Numbskull: Finally Finished!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! I will make this following announcement…

I have just finished writing The Chronicles of Numbskull!!!

So grab your popcorn and enjoy!

Don’t be too surprised if, five years from now, you’d be chewing on Captain Numbskull’s Peppermint Gum and watching The Chronicles of Numbskull on T.V. with Sir Christopher Lee starring as Pistachio Penguin!

Here are the five episodes of The Chronicles of Numbskull! :

Part 1: The Pirate, The King, And The Castle

Part 2: The Return of Captain Numbskull

Part 3: The Treasure of Ignoramus Rex

Part 4: The Duel of The Fates And The Banquet

Part 5: The Finale And The Voyage of The Rubber Ducky


And since this is my 51st post…


Ichiro Suzuki!

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