Numbskull Update… Again

Hi! Josh here!

When I was lying in bed to sleep, I was thinking about the completion of The Chronicles of Numbskull. Yes, I was happy.

But then I realized soon after, in bed, and the next day. Hey! I forgot to put this and that in there! Oh! What’s this dumb mistake?! And at the end of the line, ran Numbskull, huffing and puffing, chewing on fruit, vegetables, meat, and vegetables… VEGETABLES??! Why on earth did I write vegetables twice?! Well, fixed that.

I also found some other bloops in Capt. Numbskull Part 5

“Fareware” said Victoro… “Fareware“?!!… What in the name of Mount Everest does that mean? It should have been “farewell”!! Speak proper English, King Victoro! (Actually, my brother found that mistake.)

“Von Voyage”?

Try to improve your little grey cells, Joshua. It’s ‘Bon Voyage’, not ‘Von Voyage’, Mr. Hercule Poirot would have said. (And again… my brother showed me that! Thanks, Bro!)

And as I write this I just remembered a ‘Whereever’ in my story someplace… ARRRGHH!!! I’m going to fix that now! (And once again, THANKS BRO FOR INFORMING ME ABOUT THAT, TOO!!)

That’s what happens when I try to write something like that late at night when my brain’s half-asleep…

I also added a sunset, an orchestra scene, a few more dialogs, and made the raft scene a little longer. AND… I added the “End Credits” at the end!!!

And NOW… I finally finished The Chronicles of Numbskull!!