And Yet Another Numbskull Update!

I wrote a few more things in The Chronicles of Numbskull: Part 4. Numbskull can now play “Chopsticks” with chopsticks! And there is a cockroach who joins the team!

I might add a few more things later on, but I better get working on something else.

(I wanted to post this on Friday, Japan time, so I had to hurry).

Captain Numbskull “If it’s dead, then why not just gulp it down?” — Captain Rascal Numbskull


✨🐻7 Weeks!!!🐻✨

Boomster the Teddy Bear (website icon)

Yes, indeed! It has been seven weeks since I made this here blog! Banzai!

Thank you all for viewing, commenting, liking, reading, and following (Currently I have 21 amazing followers!)! (I am included in the 22 followers, so I am discluding myself).

“21 is a magical number!” — Kane Kosugi 


Now everyone, let’s do a little math! Divide 21 by 7 and what do you get?…


“3… it’s a magic number!” — Jack Johnson



I met this South American group from Peru, Rijchary, a few times before and talked a little with them using a little Spanish (I can’t speak Spanish. I tried to study it, but I couldn’t really get into it. I’d be nice to be trilingual, but learning another language is quite challenging. Learning the Emoji language is somewhat easier 🙂 ). Rijchary visits Japan every year for four months (Sept.~Dec.). The word ‘rijchary’ means ‘to awaken’ in the Quechua language. Right now in the video above they’re performing Achac-atchoo, er, Achi-achi, uh, sorry, Artichoke, oh, whatever…

Jose Luis Huahuatico Gutierrez — flutes

Ernesto Federico Carrillo Acevedo — drum

Richard Jhonson Olivera Gutierrez (leader) — charango

Dimas Henrry Echegaray Marquez — guitar

(The names look like some sort of tongue twisters!)

Joshua Makoto Swanson — cameraman… just kidding!

(Ernesto is currently replaced by another person named Daniel Huaman Mejia).