Happy Thanksgiving!

— Thanksgiving 2018 ~ November 22nd —

Today in America it’s Thanksgiving Day!

It is the time to say thank you to God for all the things he has so graciously given us! We must thank God for the food we eat everyday, our families, and our lives! God made us, and we are His people. We must always be thankful to Him, not just on Thanksgiving, but on every day of our lives!

Thank You God for making us, for nourishing us, for our families, and for everything in this life! Above all, Thank You for the Lord Jesus Christ! In Jesus’ name, amen!

Here is a hymn praising God for the blessings which He always gives us!



6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Thank you, Joshua. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and one with roots planted deep in the history of the U.S. It is good that we have set aside a day for thanks.

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    1. No, there isn’t. People don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Japan, though workers get to have a short vacation. But we can still buy turkey meat and other Thanksgiving food at places like Costco, so foreigners and others can enjoy Thanksgiving in Japan. My family and I bought a nice turkey at a Costco here in Fukuoka, and it tasted very nice (We ate it at our friends’ house).

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