Bigfoot: A Hoax?… Or a Joke?


Yes, Bigfoot…

What is “Bigfoot”?…

A big hairy bipedal creature…

Is it just a hoax? Or is it, er… real?

Patterson shot this footage in 1967…

“Hi! I’m a big hairy Bigfoot?”

Now I think this is a fake. To be precise… bogus. Bigfoot big fool.

But, there is a video, a rather chilling video, that I think is quite compelling.

Behold… the albino Bigfoot


Wow… an albino bigfoo…

Huh? Wait a minute. Did I just say “albino” bigfoot?… When we can’t even see a black or brown one at the zoo? DUH!!!

And so, I have come to the conclusion, that this so-called albino bigfoot is a joke… er, please wait a sec… a hoax… or a joke… Well, they both basically mean the same thing, so no brains about it.

Case settled by Detective J.M. Swanson of Scotland Yard!

But, who knows what may be staring at you through your living room window…






10 thoughts on “Bigfoot: A Hoax?… Or a Joke?

  1. There are people here in Colorado that have claimed to see Bigfoot right around where we fish in the mountains. If it is real, I think it is some kind of undiscovered great ape. There are just too many eyewitness encounters all around the world. Very interesting topic though. God bless

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        1. The Kappa is a mythical creature that has a greenish body similar to a turtle, but has long arms and legs. Its mouth resembles that of a duck and on its head is a depression in which is contained water, which, when spilled out, will cause the kappa to get weakened. Kappas are gourmands of cucumbers.

          The Tsuchinoko bears a striking resemblance to the snake, but with a smaller and shorter body. Its body’s shape is similar to a slug. Tsuchinokos have a taste for alcohol, apparently.

          Here are Wikipedia articles about the said cryptic creatures:


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