😎 10 Weeks & Color Change! 🌈

“Yoo hoo! I’m Mr. Handsome Baseballcap-o-saurus!”

Yes! This is the tenth week of my blog! Yatta! Yippee! Banzai! Ice cream sundae!

And now, ladies and gentlemen… I will now change the color of my blog!

Are you ready?…

From September 28th until this day, the blog was white… but now that will change…

I will color my white blog… dark blue…

And now, here it goes!

Abracadabra and bibidi-babidi-boo!


By Request, ‘Awesome God’ by Glad

“Awesome God” sung by GLAD was my first hymn request on Mr. Lee Duigon’s blog! Amazing voices! Enjoy!

Lee Duigon

Wow! This Joshua’s first hymn request, and it just blew me out of the water–Awesome God, sung a capella by Glad. Awesome, too, what can be done with human voices when the singers put their minds to it.

You might want to turn up the volume on this one.

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