Your Word is a Lamp

“Your Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path” – Psalm 119:105

9 thoughts on “Your Word is a Lamp

      1. Ah! There you are!
        Man, you’re already making Youtube videos! I have no way of doing that; and even if I did, what kind of video could I make?

        I have one magic trick–truly mystifying, Patty has no idea how I do it; but it can be performed in a matter of seconds. It consists of cutting a pencil in half with a dollar bill.

        After that, I’m afraid I’m out of stuff to show. I could do some sword stuff, but Patty is averse to holding up a head of lettuce for me to cut in half…

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        1. Wow! That magic trick with the pencil getting cut in half by a dollar bill must be pretty amazing to watch! I would like to learn that someday. I like the magic trick where the “victim” gets to choose a card from a stack of cards and then after shuffling the cards the magician shows the exact card that the person chose. Jeremy did it first before I did, and so I learned it from him.
          I also like the “thumb amputation” trick, which is quite simple. I had a few relatives and friends grossed out because of that. 🙂
          I thought YouTube would be tricky, but it was easier than I thought.


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