The mamushi (Gloydius blomhoffii) is the most dangerous snake in Japan. Approximately 2,000~3,000 people get bitten by these snakes, and approximately 10 people die every year because of the snakes’ venom. (See Wikipedia)

The mamushi is also called the Japanese pit viper.

The color of these snakes are mostly brown, and they have diamond shaped heads. We have these snakes around the neighborhood in warm seasons. We’d better be careful!

The Okinawan habu, from Okinawa, is also very dangerous. This snake and the mamushi are the most venomous snakes in Japan. (Other snakes include the yamakagashi, himehabu, etc.)

Thanks for reading, and “habu” a nice day! 🙂 🐍


14 thoughts on “DANGER⚠MAMUSHI!🐍

  1. Looks like a kissin’ cousin to the Western Diamondbacks that inhabit our region, and unfortunately, that also means my yard. Fortunately, they are not aggressive and as long as you don’t step on one by mistake, chances are you’ll never have a problem. Unfortunately, some people tempt fate by engaging them needlessly and end up with a terrible envenomated bite.

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      1. I got into a heckuva fight with a prairie rattler, about 35 years ago. He was trying to get into someone’s dog pen, and didn’t seem to mind that there were three big dogs in there at the time. We drug him out of the using hoes and then we took inspiration from Henry VI, part III, which is to say “off with his head”. It was then carefully buried (never, ever ever touch the head of a dead snake) in a post hole, while the body was retained in case the homeowner wanted the skin, or the rattles.

        I was cautious and never placed myself within strike range, but it was still a somewhat thrilling experience. In this case, there was little choice. The snake was aggressive and moving towards someone’s home. It was threatening domestic animals and, even though we tried to dissuade it, the snake kept on its intended path. Had it not been making itself a threat, I would have left it alone, as I have many times over the years. When it comes to rattlesnakes, my policy is to leave them to their business, unless they are an immediate threat to humans or domestic animals. I’ve killed two in my day andin both cases buried the head immediately.

        Just for comparison, the Diamondback Rattlers around here are 4’ to 5.5’ long and not particularly aggressive. Prairie Rattlers are more on the order of 3’ long and very aggressive if agitated. Being a westerner, I’ve encountered various rattlesnakes many times over the years but have only killed two. I take no pleasure in having killed either of them, but the safety of humans is more important than that of snakes; at least to me.

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        1. Most snakes are harmless, but all snakes prefer to be left alone. If you want some fun reading, look up the Western Hognose snake. They are cute little critters, completely harmless, and quite entertaining.

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