My Most-Viewed Posts For 2018

Happy New Year! Here is a short list of my top-10 most viewed posts:

No. 1 – Creation vs. Evolution 

No. 2 – About My Blog (Second Blog Post)

No. 3 – Hello, Blog! (First Blog Post) (September 28th, 2018)

No. 4 – My Bike Ride

No. 5 – The Scrabble Game

No. 6 – The Battles of the Two Brothers

No. 7 – ☢A Typhoon is Approaching!☢

No. 8 – Behold, Behemoth!

No. 9 – My Favorite Hymn

No. 10 – J&J – El Condor Pasa (Our First YouTube Video)

… and much more!

Thank you for viewing!


9 thoughts on “My Most-Viewed Posts For 2018

  1. Okay, quick chess lesson: the Queen.
    The Queen is your most powerful piece in your chess army: air-mobile troops with gunships. She combines the moves of a Rook and a Bishop–diagonal or perpendicular, as far as she can go (if there’s nothing in the way).

    Many beginners make the mistake of expecting too much of the Queen, bringing her out too early, too aggressively, and wind up losing her. I like to save my Queen for a move that has a chance of being decisive. Like any other piece, the Queen can be sacrificed to achieve a strategic coup; but don’t bring her out early and let her get trapped.

    The longer the game goes on, the more scope for your Queen to act decisively. In the opening game, Pawns, then Knights, then Bishops. In the middle game, Rooks and Queen. Wait for some of the troops to be cleared away before committing your Queen.

    Of course, when you do see a chance for the Queen to strike a telling blow, think it over, and if it still looks good–take it! The Queen is your big bopper and ought to be used accordingly.

    Before I take up the King, check, and checkmate, I’d like to answer any questions you may have.

    P.S.–Happy New Year, Joshua (and Jeremy)!

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    1. Thank you for the lesson, Mr. Duigon! My favorite chess piece is the Queen. I have played chess a few times with brother Jeremy and my dad, Eric, during the New Year hoiday. I won against Jay (surprised him with the en passant!), but I couldn’t beat my powerful and intelligent dad! Must study harder!
      I have a question: if, for example, a white Pawn reaches the other end of the board, it is promoted to a piece of higher value, but what happens when all white pieces of high value are still on the board, and when there are no substitutions available?

      Happy New Year, Mr. Duigon!


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