Jeremy’s Comics: #4

Sandy the panda and Christi the dolphin are having coffee at a coffee shop called Friendly Coffee… (although I’ve never heard of a dolphin that walks on land…)













© Jeremy Swanson

(As you may have noticed, there’s a mistake in Picture No. 10. The “We’ll” has to be “Well.”

“Oops, my bad,” says Jeremy as his brother tells him about the mistake. “Well, one of the odds.” 😐)


The Bell Mountain Movie Contest, So Far

Read the “Bell Mountain Series” by Lee Duigon, and join the fun “Cast the Bell Mountain Movie” contest!!

Lee Duigon

See the source image

So far our second effort at a Bell Mountain Movie contest is coming along a little better than the first, and better than the purely hypothetical “Name that Tent Caterpillar” contest.

Which is to say we’ve had only five or six readers play so far. That’s better than two or three, but still not up to the level of enthusiasm reached in Renal, South Dakota’s, annual “Cutest Click Beetle” contest. And I wonder how well I’d do here with a “The Crawling Eye Is My Favorite Monster Because _________” contest.

Now a couple of you have played our movie game with gusto: anyone who’s been reading the comments will know who you are. And a couple of you have played once. The remaining 1,000-plus subscribers have not played at all.

Let me, therefore, reconfigure some of the rules. (1) Instead of choosing the best cast overall, I will choose the…

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