This is For Real, Folks!

Welcome to JBC NEWS, Channel 928. Here’s Reporter Josh with the news…

This 700-pound alligator was found in Georgia State! Yikes!!!

700 lb alligator inGA[6858]
This ain’t a hoax, folks… this is the real McCoy…

32 thoughts on “This is For Real, Folks!

        1. I have read the Crown and Covenant Trilogy and the Faith and Freedom Trilogy as well! Pretty exciting series, aren’t they? (I recently updated my profile with references to the trilogies). I have also read one “Mr. Pipes” book by Douglas Bond, which was Mr. Pipes Comes to America. Which is your favorite?

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        2. My favorite is, I think, “Duncan’s War,” Book One in the C&C Trilogy. I like it because it’s super interesting, and it’s the introduction of the C&C Trilogy and the F&F Trilogy (both trilogies are connected). Although I haven’t read those for awhile…

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  1. Hey Josh, where in the world do you live now? I was born in, and have lived for most of my life in Waltham, Massachusetts, 9 miles west of Boston. Retired now. I love my city but there are lots of loony lefties around here and getting worse all the time.

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      1. No, Josh. Sorry but I have never been to Japan. I just returned from what I expect to be my last overseas trip, a pilgrimage to Israel! It was an amazing experience! I agree with my friend and roommate on the trip who said, “We will be unpacking from this trip for the rest of our lives!” I don’t expect to be able to do much more traveling at age 78, but if if did, Japan could well be on my bucket list. I would stop in and visit you.

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  2. wow! this alligator needs to have its own category in the animal kingdom for just being a massive creature! It should be called super-unbelievable-blow-your-mind-mega-modernday-dinosaur-teethy-supersized-aaaggggggghhhhhh–rrrrruuuuuhhhhhnnnnnn!!!!

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    1. Yes, God is truly an amazing Creator!!! That alligator does look like a dinosaur!!! I haven’t seen this post for awhile; thanks for commenting, Isla!!


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