Wow! What a Magician!



11 thoughts on “Wow! What a Magician!

  1. Most inspiring. I always thought those things were done by magic, and now I know.
    Chess lesson: Time to start learning one of the openings. Remember, though, that every opening has many variations; so don’t be discouraged when your opponent makes a move that you haven’t learned yet. It takes time.

    Giuoco Piano, aka “Italian Game,” or “Quiet Game.” The object of this opening is to get your knights and bishops set up near the middle of the board while holding that territory with a pawn or two, and then, usually, castle. This should make your whole chess army ready for action–while at the same time not creating unstable situations that require immediate action. That’s why it’s the quiet game. Here’s a sample.

    1. e4, e5 2. Nf3, Nc6 3. Bc4, Bc5 4. either Nc3, Pc3, or 0-0; Black plays Nf6, Pd6, or Nc6

    Rather than try to memorize a whole lot of moves, set up a board, play these four, and then play against yourself to see how a game shapes up. You should wind up with questions, maybe quite a few of them.

    In beginners’ chess, players haven’t learned the openings and anything can happen. Giuoco Piano is good for beginners because it puts you in position to respond to a variety of enemy actions.

    When the fighting starts, it often winds up focusing on who will control the d5 and d4 squares. Before long, you’ll want a rook backing up whatever forces you’ve assigned to the E or D files.

    But I don’t mean for the lesson to get complicated. Set up the first four moves, then experiment. And have fun!

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      1. I know it’s complicated; that’s why I only gave you four moves

        Chess is very much a game in which experience is decisive. With experience, you learn to recognize familiar patterns on the board, and you know what to do when those occur. But it takes time and patience to acquire that experience.

        Fool around with Giuoco Piano for a bit and see what you can see.

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        1. Yes, sir! I’ll do my best to study the lessons and to work on the moves! I’m finding all the lessons that you have given me and putting them all in one place to make studying easier. Thank you for making it easier for me to understand!


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