Jeremy’s Centipede

Here are some pictures of the giant centipede that Jay made out of clay…









Trivia: The centipede is called “mukade” in Japanese (Pronunciation: mookahdeh).

ムカデ < mukade


20 thoughts on “Jeremy’s Centipede

  1. Years ago, one of our local pet stores had a centipede from Peru that was at least a foot long. I don’t know what kind of pet it would have made. It would dash itself against the glass every time anyone passed by its aquarium, just dying to bite someone.

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    1. Yikes! That’s scary! I’m sure glad Japan doesn’t have any foot-long centipedes. Once in a dream, I was in a park with my family, and the ground was strewn with dead centipedes, and some of them were quite over-sized, maybe about a foot long, and their bodies were very thick compared to normal centipedes.

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    1. Spiders do scare me as well! We once had a gigantic toy spider that was as big as a full-sized goliath birdeater, which my brother and I often used as a prank.

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  2. Once when I was sleeping in my bed, I could see by the faint glow of light, a small, thin, black object on the wall above my bed. “What is that thing?” I wondered, but the next instant, the black object on the wall began to move, and almost instantly I realized what that ‘thing’ was, and I yelped in panic and quickly got out of my bed, arousing my brother from his sleep as I did. I turned on the light, and behold, another one of those centipedes!

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