Our next film!

Steadfast Pictures’ new movie, Second Chances, is in the making! Please support Steadfast Pictures in their endeavors to glorify God in their movie-making projects!

Steadfast Pictures

Yep! That’s right! We’re announcing our next film!

It’s called: Second Chances

Here is the synopsis:

A family tragedy three years ago left Cameron Taylor a hardened teenage with a chip on his shoulder. In trying to escape home pressures and past nightmares, a single mistake shatters his world, leading him on a desperate search for answers.

When his mother suggests a change of scenery for the summer, Cameron reluctantly agrees, but country life holds more in store than he could have imagined. New friends—Alan and Elise—help to ease the pain of the past, but a freak accident one morning brings Cameron face-to-face with his biggest nightmare once more.

Will Cameron succumb to the tragedies of the past or have the courage to trust God and face the future?

This film is going to be feature-lenth, and is going to cost quite a bit of money to create! Please support…

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24 thoughts on “Our next film!

  1. Yeesh! I’m supposed to review the script, and I haven’t had time to read it yet! I don’t want Elijah’s whole family getting mad at me, so I’d better make some time. Tomorrow, I hope. Since I started writing my new book, I haven’t even had time to devise your next chess lesson, Joshua. (How’s your chess going, by the way?)

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    1. Wow, that’s great that you will review the script for Elijah and co.! I’ll be praying for you, Mr. Duigon!
      I haven’t played chess recently. I won the most recent game with Jeremy. I still have to review the other chess lessons, Mr, Duigon, and I’d like to study them first. I would like to master the various chess openings, even if it takes many years! Thank you for all the chess lessons, sir! Since I’m going to take a break from my blog (I’m still doing reblogs), I will have more time to study the lessons. Meanwhile we’ve been editing the Japanese bell Mountain, and we’re 15% finished (Finished Chapter 7 today)! We praise the Lord that we’re nearing the completion of the project! God bless you as you write your new book, Mr. Duigon!

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