Don’t Forget the Comment Contest

Only about 900 more comments to go! Hop aboard!

Lee Duigon

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, reminding you that we have a comment contest going–and there aren’t any bloomin’ comments yet today!

Only 984 comments to go, to get to No. 47,000, and the reader who posts it wins… oh, one of those autographed books he’s always giving out. Anyone can play, as many times as you like, and all comments are eligible, except [riffles through rulebook; clears throat]–

“Comments abusive to anyone else on this site; comments containing blasphemy or profanity; commercials thinly disguised as comments; comments simply too inane to bother with.”

My cousin Lucy likes inane comments, but she’s the only one.

So let’s see how fast we can get to 47,000! And later today I’ll run up Question No. 4 in the Bell Mountain Trivia Contest.

(I hope these generate some excitement soon! This is my first job ever, and I don’t want to…

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19 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Comment Contest

      1. It was awesome! We went to a friend’s house who lives up on a mountain, with an ideal view of the fireworks! 😉
        On our way home there was insane traffic, more than on a normal 4th of July. The next morning we realized that it was because there was a maniac in the area who took advantage of the noise of the fireworks, and starting shooting at random into a crowd. Thankfully nobody was hurt! Well, the guy himself was shot by a policeman, but he deserved it! 🙂

        Do you have a similar holiday that you celebrate in Japan?

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        1. Wow! Seems like you guys had a fun time! I thank the Lord for keeping the crowd safe.
          We don’t usually celebrate the Japanese holidays, just the New Year holiday. Actually we didn’t really do anything on July Fourth, just the same as any God-given day!

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        2. Yes. Amen!
          That’s understandable.

          Hey! So, as a sort of update: Nev Scharrel’s manager had to cancel, because of a film union law that we would have to sacrifice a lot to comply with.

          I was really bummed out about that, and was on the phone for about an hour with the union; seeing if there was any way, at all, that we could make it work out. But, they are a union, and therefore do not exist to help small businesses out. That was one of the most frustrating phone calls that I’ve ever been on in my entire life! (And I’ve talked to well over a thousand people on the phone over the last two years!)

          Well, anyway, Nev will not be in Second Chances. I think it was a test. And I failed miserably.

          I started to think that I could rely on a movie star to make our film a success, and I temporarily took my eyes off of Christ.

          I thought of that right when I got off the phone call with the union, immediately I knew that God was testing me, to see if I was fully trusting Him with this project.

          Anyway, to us at least, right now it seems as if we just lost an amazing opportunity; but: “…we know that all things work out for the good, for those who are called…”, so I know that in the in the long run this will turn out for the best.

          I’d best be getting to bed now. It’s late over here!

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