J&J’s LEGO Stories: #4

This is a story of a Lego man who wants some respite…






(Pictures taken and sets created by Jeremy; words typed by Joshua)

© Joshua and Jeremy Swanson

59 thoughts on “J&J’s LEGO Stories: #4

  1. A quick chess lesson, if I can manage it in 15 minutes!
    Wilhelm Steinitz, the first official world chess champion, taught that you win chess games by playing for small advantages which, if you play well, can add up to a big advantage.
    Here are a few of the small advantages which I usually try to acquire in a game. 1) Prevent your opponent from castling, usually by forcing the King to move. For instance, Queen takes Queen, with no Rook able to retaliate, so the King has to do it himself. Now he can’t castle. 2) Doubled Pawns. I’ll almost always exchange one piece or Pawn for another of equal value, if it saddles my opponent with a doubled Pawn (two Pawns in line on the same file, as in, say, h5 and h6). Doubled Pawns can’t defend each other; and if you move one of your own Pawns in direction in front of them–prester, you’ve got three squares tied up. 3) Try to play in such a way as to create space for your Rooks and Bishops to operate. A Rook on an open file, a Bishop commanding a long diagonal–these are golden.
    Here I have to stop. I expect you’ll have questions, so ask away.

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    1. Thank you for the chess lesson, Mr. Duigon!! I don’t have any questions now, but I’ll be sure to contact you when I have one. To be honest I haven’t had much time to study my lessons, but I will study them and try to understand them with your help!


  2. Totally outstanding!!!!!!!!! Great work, guys! 🙂
    I’m not sure why this post didn’t get sent to my email, so I had to go looking for it. I’m glad I found it though… I can’t miss one of J&J’s LEGO Stories!!!!

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