‘Be Thou My Vision’ (From Lee Duigon’s Blog)

Please enjoy “Be Thou My Vision” — my favorite hymn!

Lee Duigon

Do you love old-fashioned hymns? They don’t get much more old-fashioned than this, from 8th-century Ireland–and still beautiful, still blessing us today. Be Thou My Vision, sung here by the Lebanon County Youth Chorus.

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9 thoughts on “‘Be Thou My Vision’ (From Lee Duigon’s Blog)

  1. Indeed a much loved hymn of all time. Translation from Irish by Christiaan Baron
    Bí Thusa mo shúile – Be thou my vision
    A Rí mhór na ndúil – Oh Great King of creation
    Líon thusa mo bheatha – Fill thou my life
    Mo chéadfaí’s mo stuaim – With understanding and patience
    Bí Thusa i m’aige – Will You be in my mind
    Gach oiche’s gach lá – Every night and everyday?
    Im chodladh nó im dhúiseacht – Sleeping or awake
    Líon mé le do grá – Fill me with Your love

    Bí Thusa mo threorú – Will You be my guidance
    I mbriathar is i mbeart – In my words and actions?
    Fan thusa go deo liom – Stay with me forever
    Is coinnigh mé ceart – And keep me on the right path
    Glac cúram mar Athair – As my Father take care of me
    Is éist le mo ghuí – And listen to my prayers
    Is tabhair domsa áit cónaí – And give me a place
    Istigh i do chroí – To live inside Your heart

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