Just 82 Comments to Go!

The race is on, everybody!! Full speed ahead!!

(This is from Lee Duigon’s blog!!)

Lee Duigon

See the source image

Byron the Quokka here, mates, with the question of the day:

Who’s gonna win the Quokka T-shirt?

Whoever posts Comment No. 50,000 on this blog! And there’s only 82 comments left to go!

Here’s a picture of the shirt. Well, not exactly: couldn’t find a picture showing the shirt in either bright red or dark blue. But you get the general idea.

Quokka T-Shirt | Funny Australian Quokka with Baby You wouldn’t believe how many tries it took me to paste this picture.

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19 thoughts on “Just 82 Comments to Go!

    1. The storm wasn’t bad around the part of Japan where I live, but, as of now, about 30 people died because of the typhoon and about 20 others are missing. Please continue to pray for Japan! Maybe God will use this storm to draw His elect to Him!

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        1. 😊 Also the good news is that the typhoon has passed, but the bad news is that about 50 people lost their lives, and some people are still missing. Please pray for the comfort of those who lost their loved ones and their homes.

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