I’ve Got It, I’ve Got It! New Contest! — Lee Duigon

Here’s another fun contest on Lee Duigon’s blog!!!

(This is from Lee Duigon’s blog!)

G’day! Byron the Quokka here, with big-big news! Here we were, looking for a new contest–and this was staring us right in the face. I’m amazed Lee never thought of it; but even I never thought of it until it was almost too late. We’re after milestones. Well! A hundred thousand views in one year–that’s […]

via I’ve Got It, I’ve Got It! New Contest! — Lee Duigon

6 thoughts on “I’ve Got It, I’ve Got It! New Contest! — Lee Duigon

    1. Hi, Elijah!! It’s very nice to see you again!! Thanks for thinking about me! I’m fine. Yes, my job is a pretty busy one, but I enjoy it!

      And how are you, Elijah? I’m praying for your film-making!! And an early Happy Birthday to you, since I know your birthday’s sometime this month!! 😉

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      1. Awesome!

        I am doing really good! We are almost half-way through the editing process, it is taking a while, but it is all turning out really well! After the editing is done, then we will be sending it to a visual effects team, because there are a few explosion scenes in the film.

        Thank you! Yes, my birthday is in just a few days. 🙂

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