Revisiting VeggieTales

I used to watch VeggieTales a lot when I was a little kid. Recently I’ve been watching some VeggieTales videos on YouTube. Ah! The nostalgia! It’s kinda embarrassing at this age, but VeggieTales cheers me up! I thank the Lord for these childhood memories and my parents for showing my brother and me these videos!

8 thoughts on “Revisiting VeggieTales

  1. Yes! I’ll explain more as my blog continues, but I remember one time, I think it was in the summer of 1998, one of the youth interns at Jeromeville Covenant (who was also Taylor’s best friend from high school) had a VeggieTales marathon at their church. I think there were 9 VeggieTales videos at the time; this was right around the time it first became popular. I thought it was hilarious that only about 1/3 of the people who were there were the little kids that VeggieTales was intended for. The rest of them were high school and college kids. 🙂

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