Prayer Request: America — Lee Duigon

Please join together in prayer for our country.

Oh Lord our God! In this election we are up against the most evil, unscrupulous, and powerful villains in the world, the Democrat Party and its supporters. They hate us because we are your people; they hate you because you’re our God. And they have infinite resources when it comes to cheating and corrupting the election.

Father, save us, deliver us out of their hands. Not for our sake, because we are sinners and it is our sins that got us into this dangerous predicament in the first place: not for our sake, Lord, but for your own great name’s sake, save us: that the world might see what you do, and that the world might know that you are God.

In Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: America — Lee Duigon

Please pray for America!

19 thoughts on “Prayer Request: America — Lee Duigon

      1. If Biden had won, the media would have declared it. Even when the democrats get caught with the cat’s tail in their mouth, they still say they didn’t eat it. See the list below of everything they’ve done to destroy our election process as well as the voters whose ballots were treated like”
        false polling data released prior to elections to prepare citizens to accept results of voter fraud;
        unsecured mail-in ballots,
        same day registration & voting,
        insecure absentee voting;
        tampering w/voting machines;
        foreign ownership of voting machine companies.
        delay in counting military ballots;
        refusal to purge voter rolls of dead voters or voters who moved;
        inaccurate ballot preparation;
        allowing non-citizens to vote;
        orchestrated computer glitches;
        rigging electronic voting machines;
        deep-state interference,
        allegations US Dept of Homeland Security hacked into state election systems which they deny, blaming it on foreign interference; and
        Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney exposed deep-state computer hacking “Scorecard” voter fraud superweapon & issued dire warning to Trump administration to investigate & shut down ‘Scorecard’ & ‘Hammer’ immediately” (NOQ Report, 11/2/20).

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