Winter Songs by Fernando Ortega

Please enjoy these carols and other songs by Fernando Ortega!

9 thoughts on “Winter Songs by Fernando Ortega

  1. Yes! He said ass!!!! 🙂

    When I was a kid, I always used to joke that What Child Is This was my favorite Christmas song, because you got to say “ass” in church. I’m still a teenage boy with an appreciation for potty humor at heart. But it always bothers me the way that a lot of Christian recording artists these days either skip that verse, or replace it with words from other parts of the song that aren’t sung as often, or replace “ass” with some other manger animal. It’s disappointing, because I just generally don’t like the idea changing old works of art to fit with modern people who are way too sensitive about things. Besides, it’s not like they’re using the word to mean a private part; it’s just an animal. So I always appreciate people who sing this song and aren’t afraid to say ass. 😛

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