An Apology (& An Update)

A few months ago, I wrote a post titled “Beware of Bethel and Hillsong!” in which I erroneously stated that these false churches (they teach false doctrine) support Planned Parenthood, an evil organization that kills unborn babies. I apologize for the misstatement that I came up with because I misinterpreted Justin Peters’ words in the video above (at around 15 minutes in the video).

I have updated the post by crossing out my mistake, and I will be more careful next time so that mistakes like this won’t happen again. It was something that could have been avoided if I had listened more carefully to the video. Again I am sorry for my misleading error.

I highly recommend the video above to you. And let me repeat the warning: Avoid Hillsong, Bethel, and Elevation‘s music and doctrine, and listen attentively, intently, and carefully to the important things you listen to.

Please check out Justin Peters’ and Todd Friel’s ministries online, and may the Lord our God use them greatly for His unchangeable purposes for the salvation and for the good of the lives of His chosen people!

10 thoughts on “An Apology (& An Update)

    1. Me, too! It’s really saddening to see their stuff all over YouTube and other places… 😌 Let’s pray that many people will flee from the evils of those organizations and repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ alone by God’s grace!

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    1. It’s a pleasure to do so, Agur! Yes, it’s very important to expose the evil works of darkness and help others out the traps of the devil with God’s help. We must pray without ceasing for God’s intervention and that God will save His people from the false teachers and “churches.” God bless you and yours!


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