Amazing Opera Performance!

17 thoughts on “Amazing Opera Performance!

        1. My brother says thank you!

          Wow! This is a wonderful day to commemorate! Happy Birthday, Greg! 🥳🎂

          So the day I posted this opera birthday video is exactly your birthday? That’s awesome! 😃

          Can you send me a link to the post about your believing in Christ as your Savior? I would really like to read it!

          Thank you for sending us the funny birthday cat video! 😹

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        2. I read the post, and, wow, that was quite a story! We must always thank the Lord for His amazing grace towards us unworthy sinners!

          Happy “Second Birthday”! Does that mean the day when you were born again?

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        3. I get it now! 🙂 I can’t point out the day of my second birth, but knowing that Jesus Christ died for me is enough. I thank the Lord for the blessed assurance of salvation He gives to His people!

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    1. Thank you for asking, Jim! We’re doing fine and we didn’t feel any quake in our area, but the northern regions, including the Fukushima area, were shaken and some people were injured. It is a relief that none were killed in the earthquake and that there was no major damage.

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