The Extreme Evil of Sexual Sin

10 thoughts on “The Extreme Evil of Sexual Sin

  1. When I was still growing up, pornography existed, but one had to travel to the disreputable part of a large city in order to access it. Neighborhoods fought against encroachment from such businesses, so they were confined to non-residential neighborhoods, and usually found in run-down areas. Visiting such a place brought the risk of being seen, and that was a huge deterrent to someone visiting on impulse.

    In our day, of ubiquitous Internet access, pornography is everywhere and easy access to it has brought a new set of problems. Novelty is the trigger, for many people, and with an Internet full of pornographic images, there is endless novelty to be had. This has lead to a phenomenon of addiction quite similar to video game addiction, which is an addiction based upon curiosity about what lies out there, waiting to be discovered. Video games have endless virtual worlds that beg to be explored and Internet pornography tempts people in the same way, plus with the allure of sex.

    As Christians, we should not want to participate in, or even observe, wrongdoing. Pornography has sexual sin as its subject matter, so that in itself is enough to place it off limits for Christians. But there’s another element to this, that may not meet the eye. Some years ago, I saw an interview with a young woman that had been lured into pornography, by first being signed as a model, then being coerced into nude photos (being told that all models have to pose nude) and realizing, too late, that the releases she had signed, basically gave them the right to abuse her sexually. She felt that she had been raped, on camera, and had no legal recourse.

    There is nothing good about pornography and it is causing harm to any number of people, from the performers to the consumers. Porn addiction is rampant, at this point, and a huge portion of Internet traffic involves porn. Fifty years ago, one could fight to keep pornography out of their neighborhood, but now it is available in our homes. It is a danger and should be avoided.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts on this, Unknowable! I was once a porn addict, but by God’s grace, I now abhor this horrible sexual evil. Let us pray to the Lord our God that many more will be rescued from this grievous sin and all other sins.


      1. It has ensnared a lot of people, in our day. Porn addiction has become very common. Breaking free takes effort, but can be done. Fortunately, the problem is recognized in our day, in a way it never has been before, and even in secular quarters it is recognized, so there is a lot of information available. It’s a scary thing, but with God’s help, it can be overcome.

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