Urgent Message from Byron the Quokka

There’s a comment contest that’s being held at Lee Duigon’s blog! Check out the link below for more information! 👇

Hark! Yes, I’m supposed to be taking care of this weekend’s TV listings; but I’m also in charge of comment contests–and we’ve got a hot one going!…

Urgent Message from Byron the Quokka

6 thoughts on “Urgent Message from Byron the Quokka

  1. Jewish Refugees Fleeing Ukraine War Become New Immigrants in Israel 04/15/2022https://www1.cbn.com/video/jerusalem-dateline/2022/04/15/jewish-refugees-fleeing-ukraine-war-become-new-immigrants-in-israel-04-15-2022 Israel is where God wants His Jewish people. “I will bring you from the four corners of the earth back to your land” He said.  Now, His timeline for end of the age will speed up even faster.  And the Prince of Peace will finally return.

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