Oops… I Forgot!… 31 Weeks!


Ooops!… 😱

It seems that I have neglected my weekly tradition to post “Sth. Weeks”!!!

Anyway, May 3rd was the 31st week of my blog. And here’s some ice cream to celebrate!

Kiddos to Baskin Robbins!…




Forgiving Because of Christ

From SlimJim’s blog, The Domain For Truth, about forgiving…

The Domain for Truth

Forgiving is hard.  An English poet (Alexander Pope) once said “To err is human, to forgive divine.”  Certainly by our own power and in our flesh alone it is very hard to forgive.

I don’t listen to country.  But I found this song after listening to hymns on Youtube.  The song is called “The Preacher And The Stranger.”

Here are the lyrics:

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