The Hike

October 31st – Climbed Mt. Kaya (This picture and the picture below are from the internet. The six bottom pictures are ours.)
Mt. Kaya — 365 meters, about one-tenth the size of Mt. Fuji (Picture source: Bing)

Mount Kaya, which is called Kayasan, is also known as Kofuji (Little Fuji) because of its slight resemblance to Mt. Fuji (3,776 meters). This mountain is approximately one twenty-fourth the size of Mount Everest (8,848 meters).

On October 31st, 2018, which was Reformation Day, Dad, bro, and I went hiking on Kayasan. (I could have written this before, but I wanted to save this for later. Depends on the mood. 🙂 ) Mom stayed home because she had to do housework.

Dad climbed Mount Fuji with Mom’s brother when I was a baby, by the way. Mom and baby me stayed in the car while they hiked. 👶

We met a few people on the way, including an elderly Japanese man who could speak English. He said, in English, that there are some souvenirs waiting for us at the top of the mountain. On one of our breaks, at an “arbor”, we met another elderly man with glasses, a gray sweatshirt, and gray trousers, who came talking to us in a friendly way. (It was hard for us to speak, since we were almost out of breath). He went up first.

And so for about an hour we huffed and puffed, exerted our strength, and made our way up the mountain little by little. (I think this is my second or third time I climbed this mountain, the first time being when I was five or six years old).

And after many huffs and puffs and eeks and yeows (Well, OK, no “eeks” or “yeows”, ’cause we ain’t climbing Mount Doom…), we reached the top…


Views from the top

Dad, bro, and I looked at the nice view from the top of the mountain and sat on a bench to rest our aching legs. We ate mini Haribos, and yup, those were the best tasting Haribos I’ve ever eaten in my whole life!

According to Dad, the best tasting coffee he ever tasted was on top of a mountain. I like to drink coffee, especially in the morning. My favorite coffee blend is the Kilimanjaro Blend, but really, this has nothing to do with the topic…

So going back to the hiking story, we were about to leave, when the man with glasses told us to wait for a few moments and he gave us nice free Kayasan pendants that he made out of wood.


He had probably about a hundred of wooden pendants in a box. In the picture above the picture above, you can see him with the box of his handmade souvenirs.

After that we said “Thank you!!” to the kind man and climbed down the mountain.

Altogether it took us about an hour and a half to climb up and down the mountain. We walked about 1,850 meters both ways (approximately 4 kilometers altogether).

When we finally came back to the starting point, we thanked God for keeping us safe on our way and for letting us enjoy the nature that He created for us. We had a wonderful time climbing the mountain and we hope to do it again some other time… maybe a different mountain. 😎

Kayasan from a different viewpoint

“Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.” — Psalm 90:2

Thanks a lot for viewing!! Hope you have a great day!!! ✨😊👍✨




可也山 - 365メートル






The Rainbow 🌈

A few days ago on Friday (October 26th), we were heading downtown when we saw…


rainbow 2

We were very happy to see it, and it reminded me of the rainbow that God set in the sky when Noah, his family, and the animals went out of the Ark in Genesis.

“I do set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between Me and the earth” – Genesis 9: 13


A Day at the Dentist


Today I had to go to the big Dental College Hospital in Fukuoka City to have a lump in my lower gum checked out.

We prayed to God that it will not turn out to be a serious problem.

And He answered our prayers!! I had an X-ray, and the doctor (who extracted all four of my wisdom teeth last year) checked the lump out and she said that it was only bone.

Phew! Nothing serious…


My Bike Ride

Yesterday, October 2nd, I rode my bike in the nice countryside near my house. I don’t often go cycling, but I always have a good time when I ride my bike. I was able to enjoy the beautiful Creation that God has made for us. As I rode, I passed many pretty flowers, rice fields, and a river, and I saw quite a few dragonflies and other bugs. Nothing in particular happened, except for a dragonfly hitting my left shoulder. But on a different trip, on September 27th, I was just starting to go through a small tunnel, when right in front of me passed a pale green snake with one or two yellow stripes. I had to squeeze the brakes abruptly, and the snake just slithered past me without even saying a word of apology. Well, I guess things like that make the bike trips even better.


Countryside                                            (The Japanese countryside near my house)