Monday Q&A 5: Scripture — Elisha McFarland

This post by Elisha McFarland, my friend and brother in Christ, was so good, I just had to share it with you all!

“Reading the Bible should be as necessary as eating; avoid it, and you’ll starve.” – Elisha McFarland

Scripture. The key component to Christianity at its core. The cornerstone of our beliefs. Without Scripture, we have no belief, no Faith, no arguments, and no understanding of God and His existence. The defense of Scripture is so important that it has become a large tenant to Apologetics. Without it, Christianity fails. Because of its […]

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Hope (A poem to read in hard times) — Life in Kyoto

This is a wonderful and encouraging poem that my blogging friend Noah wrote! He is a missionary kid in my country of Japan! Go check his website out and give him a follow! Noah’s blog can be found at !

Hi guys! Today I wrote a poem for you about hope. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 — Hope. That wonderful, warm aspect of life, It doesn’t fail to light the candle of my heart, It keeps on flaring, as long as I trust My Savior my Lord, The one that keeps me strong and bold. Hope. The thing […]

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Our Mission Statement — Lee Duigon

This is Lee Duigon’s “Mission Statement” that he posted on his blog ( one year ago. It’s really good, and I would like to share this with you.

Thanks to a comment made by Heidi this morning, I’ve been thinking about how to define the purpose of this blog. It was originally set up to promote my Bell Mountain books and hopefully stir up sales; but it has since grown into something more. It’s not something I set out to do on purpose; […]

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What Do You Find Your Identity In?

AMEN! I wanted to share these good words by Keziah!

(This post is from Keziah’s blog!)


My family and I
have recently been attending a house church that some friends go to. I have
really enjoyed it, and wanted to share something that really stood out to me,
one Sunday night.

One guy said
something that really made me think. He said (paraphrasing here): “The world is
telling you to find identity in the things around you. Whether it be money,
your job, or what people think of you, the world tells us to find identity in
things of this world. We, as Christians, however, need to stop trying to find
identity in things of this world, and start finding identity in Jesus. He’s the
only one that can satisfy us, the only One that can truly make us who we were
meant to be.”

So, here’s my
question for you all:

           What Do You Find Your Identity In?

The definition
for the word “Identity”…

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