21 Weeks!!


Oh, thanks, Kane, for celebrating…

Yes, indeed. This blog has reached 21 weeks. 🎉

Right now I have some important news.

A few days ago this blog reached 1,000 comments…

And now I have reached 100 followers!!!💯



✨🐻7 Weeks!!!🐻✨

Boomster the Teddy Bear (website icon)

Yes, indeed! It has been seven weeks since I made this here blog! Banzai!

Thank you all for viewing, commenting, liking, reading, and following (Currently I have 21 amazing followers!)! (I am included in the 22 followers, so I am discluding myself).

“21 is a magical number!” — Kane Kosugi 


Now everyone, let’s do a little math! Divide 21 by 7 and what do you get?…


“3… it’s a magic number!” — Jack Johnson