Coffee Rumba!😋☕

Every morning I drink coffee, my favorite drink. Here’s a South American song about coffee…

Also known as Moliendo Cafe...

My favorite coffee blend is the Kilimanjaro blend… What’s yours?



I’ll Fly Away – In Spanish

I listened to the Spanish version of “I’ll Fly Away,” which is called “Yo Volare” in Spanish. Although I don’t understand Spanish, I really liked it, so please listen to this!

I love the Latin style!



I met this South American group from Peru, Rijchary, a few times before and talked a little with them using a little Spanish (I can’t speak Spanish. I tried to study it, but I couldn’t really get into it. I’d be nice to be trilingual, but learning another language is quite challenging. Learning the Emoji language is somewhat easier 🙂 ). Rijchary visits Japan every year for four months (Sept.~Dec.). The word ‘rijchary’ means ‘to awaken’ in the Quechua language. Right now in the video above they’re performing Achac-atchoo, er, Achi-achi, uh, sorry, Artichoke, oh, whatever…

Jose Luis Huahuatico Gutierrez — flutes

Ernesto Federico Carrillo Acevedo — drum

Richard Jhonson Olivera Gutierrez (leader) — charango

Dimas Henrry Echegaray Marquez — guitar

(The names look like some sort of tongue twisters!)

Joshua Makoto Swanson — cameraman… just kidding!

(Ernesto is currently replaced by another person named Daniel Huaman Mejia).