Coffee Rumba!😋☕

Every morning I drink coffee, my favorite drink. Here’s a South American song about coffee…

Also known as Moliendo Cafe...

My favorite coffee blend is the Kilimanjaro blend… What’s yours?


Vuela Paloma


I like this Latin American song, “Vuela Paloma” (Fly, dove), sung by South American singing group, Inkañan. It looks like the singer is the leader of Rijchary, Richard Jhonson Olivera Gutierrez, the reason why, I know not. Please enjoy “Vuela Paloma”!






I met this South American group from Peru, Rijchary, a few times before and talked a little with them using a little Spanish (I can’t speak Spanish. I tried to study it, but I couldn’t really get into it. I’d be nice to be trilingual, but learning another language is quite challenging. Learning the Emoji language is somewhat easier 🙂 ). Rijchary visits Japan every year for four months (Sept.~Dec.). The word ‘rijchary’ means ‘to awaken’ in the Quechua language. Right now in the video above they’re performing Achac-atchoo, er, Achi-achi, uh, sorry, Artichoke, oh, whatever…

Jose Luis Huahuatico Gutierrez — flutes

Ernesto Federico Carrillo Acevedo — drum

Richard Jhonson Olivera Gutierrez (leader) — charango

Dimas Henrry Echegaray Marquez — guitar

(The names look like some sort of tongue twisters!)

Joshua Makoto Swanson — cameraman… just kidding!

(Ernesto is currently replaced by another person named Daniel Huaman Mejia).