200 Posts!!!

Yay! I reached my goal!!

Yes, folks. Today I reached the great achievement of 200 posts!

The giant squid post from Lee Duigon’s blog was my 200th post!!!

Thank you all for contributing to this blog with your views, Likes, follows, and comments!!!

Happy day to you all!

– Josh –


1,337 Likes!!! Thank you so much!!

Hip, hip, hooray!!!

I have just got this notice that I now have 1,337 likes on my blog!

Thank you everyone who have liked my posts on my blog!!!

Also today is the best day for likes on my blog!!… 40 Likes!


See you soon!



20 Weeks! (1,000 Comments!)

20th Century Fox???… What are you doing here?!

Hooray! Banzai! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

My blog has reached 20 weeks! A good and satisfying even number!

Thank you all for contributing to this blog with your well-appreciated views, comments, Likes, and follows! (2 more at this point, and I’ll reach 100 followers!!! 🎉)

Have a pleasant day! —- J.S.

(Update: 2/16/2019: I have just noticed that I now have 1,000 comments! 🏆 I am very grateful! Keep those comments coming! 👍✨)